Aluminum Extrusion Heat Sinks

Aluminum extrusion heat sinks are an effective way to cool heat producing components in a cost-effective manner. High-end custom extrusion designs can be used for more thermally challenging applications, while simpler straight-fin or cross-cut fin designs can be used for lower powered ones. Aluminum extrusion heat sinks can also be customized with embedded heat pipes, captive mounting hardware, and color anodizing.

Diamond fin extrusion heatsink with embedded hp

Diamond fin extrusion heatsink accepts airflow from any direction.

Embedded heatpipe extrusion heatsink

Enhanced extrusion heatsink with copper slug and embedded heatpipes.

Extrusion + Stacked Fin Hybrid heatsink

Combination of extrusion, cross cutting, and stacked fins, plus heatpipes used to cool challenging telecom application.

Extrusion floating core heatsink

Floating core concept applied to extrusion heatsinks, to compensate for varying height tolerances of chips.

Large extrusion heatsink with thermal pad

Large extrusion heatsink with thermal pads, pre-applied and turn-key. Ready for installation!

Large footprint extrusion heatsink

Industrial exutriosn heatsink with 1 foot wide profile.

Powder coated extrusion heatsink

Black powder coated heatsink to create high-level cosmetic surface.