Fully Equipped Thermal Lab

Heatscape’s thermal lab is where the validation of design and simulations take place. Our thermal lab has been expanded in recent years to include our custom-built Thermal Test Vehicles (TTV) for accurate chip-level temperature measurement. In addition, our wind tunnel can be utilized to characterize the flow and pressure drop of anything from a simple fan all the way to a complete networking chassis. Our FLIR thermal camera also allows us to quickly and accurately measure the surface temperature of heatsinks and other hotspots. Other capabilities include airflow measurement devices, simple fabrication, force measurement, etc.

Wind Tunnel

Modular Wind-Tunnel capable of characterizing heatsinks and validating CFD results.


Thermal Test Vehicles (TTV), capable of replicating up to 500W thermal loads, and allowing engineers to take accurate temperature measurements.

Thermal Camera

Thermal Camera used to validate heat spreading characteristics of Heatsink Solutions.


Thermal Test Vehicles (TTV), capable of testing 4 X 200W loads simultaneously.

Thermal Testing

IR Camera Imaging showing the effectiveness of heatpipes in spreading heat from a source to a remote heatsink .