High-Volume Manufacturing and Prototyping

Heatscape understands the importance of designing products that are also manufacturable. Designing a thermal solution that solves a thermal problem but cannot be applied in a practical manner to production is not an acceptable solution. Heatscape engineering and manufacturing teams work together closely to develop solutions that solve thermal problems but can also be easily implemented into integration and assembly lines at CM sites. In addition, we deliver prototypes in 1-2 weeks to allow for fast customer approval and validation of solutions. With our ISO9001 facilities located in South China, we have established ourselves as a high-quality, reliable, and FAST provider of heatsink products to our global customers.

Assembly and PN Printing

Full Heatsink Assembly, quality inspection, PN printing, and packaging done in Heatscape's facility .

Dual Soldering Ovens

Heatscape's brand new dual soldering ovens positioned to handle to anything from low volume prototyping builds to high volume production .

Progressive Stamping Machines

All hard-tooled Fin Stacks are stamped using Progressive Stamping Machines which can easily scaled to high-volume.

CNC Machines

All CNC steps, post process machining, and tool making is done inside of Heatscape's new facility.

Heatsink Qualification and Testing

End to end design of Heatsink Solution, including Thermal testing, tool debugging and diagnostics.