Optics Heatsinks

Optical modules are becoming more high-powered, requiring the need for advanced heatsink designs to efficiently cool them.

Ganged Heatsink Concept

Enhanced extrusion with heatpipe can cool multiple optical modules using 1 solution

Heatpipe enhanced optics heatsink

Heatpipes are used to thermally enhance extrusion heatsinks for optical modules

Large optic heatsink with thermal pad

Robust thermal pad used to allow better thermal contact between optical module and heatsink

Long heatpipe optics heatsinks

Long heatpipes used to move heat away from optical modules Remote radiator.

Nickel plated copper optics heatsinks

Family of heatsinks using low profile stacked fins to cool optical modules.

Optics heatsink with heatpipe base

The entire base of the heatsink has been enhanced using two heatpipes side by side

Optics Heatsink with remote radiator

Heat is piped from the mounting surface to a remote radiator on the back side of the card

Variety of optics heatsinks

Variety of Heatsinks for cooling of optical modules