Stacked and Folded Fin Heatsinks

Heatscape’s custom stacked fin heat sink solutions offer better performance when compared to typical extrusion heatsinks, due to thinner fin profiles leading to higher surface area and lower pressure drop. With our advanced engineering and manufacturing expertise, Heatscape has been able to cool some of the most demanding thermal challenges in the telecom, networking, and electronics industries.

All copper stacked fin heatsink

All copper heatsink solution with embedded heatpipes for maximum performance.

All copper stacked fin with clearance

All copper heatsink using stacked fins and minimizing hard-tooling requirements.

Copper stacked fin heatsink with window

Stacked fin heatsink with window opened in base to create more airflow on the card.

Double floating core heatsink with stacked fins

Large double floating core heatsink used to cool 2 high powered CPU as well as peripheral memory modules.

Double floating core heatsink

Dual floating core heatsink for cooling of side by side CPUs, while compensating for varying height tolerances.

floating core heatsinks

Family of floating core heatsinks.

Folded fin heatsink

Folded fin technology is an ideal way to minimize hard-tooling charges while still fabricating fins with different heights required.

Various floating core heatsinks with stacked fins

Family of single and double floating core heatsinks.

Low-profile stacked fin heatsink

Heatsink can fabricate low-profile stacked fins, down to ~2mm in height.

Stacked fin heatsink with built in air baffle

Heatsink was design to cool the CPU, while also creating an air baffle to guide air where customer wanted it to go.