Custom Vapor Chamber Heat sinks

Today’s CPUs, GPUs, and high performance ASICs are continually increasing their capacity, speed, and power, while being placed into smaller and more compact form factors, leading to increased power density. This leads to greater challenges from a thermal management perspective. Vapor Chamber Heat sinks, which work based on heatpipe principles, offer improved spreading efficiency, higher thermal conductivity, and reduced weight for these applications. Heatscape’s engineering team can deliver custom vapor chamber heat sinks solutions in custom sizes and shapes, including single and multi-stepped vapor chamber bases.

Double floating core heatsink with vapor chamber cores

Dual floating core heatsink modified with vapor chambers in the base for maximum performance.

High performance 500w vapor chamber heatsink

High performance vapor chamber heatsink with custom copper slug.

High Powered Vapor chamber heatsink

High-powered 500W+ vapor chamber with alignment pins pressed in.

small vapor chamber heatsink

Thin 3mm vapor chamber for 100W application.

Vapor chamber + heatpipe heatsink

Heatsink assembly using vapor chamber base and extra heatsink on top.

Vapor chamber heatsink with heatpipes and horizontal fins

High performance vapor chamber heatsink with steel brace to support against high mounting pressure.

Vapor chamber heatsink with low profile fin

Vapor chamber heatsink with low profile stacked fins for low-height applications.