Active Heat Sinks

Our active heat sinks can be custom built according to your needs. With the rising functionality and computing power of graphics boards and GPUs comes greatly increased thermal challenges. Heatscape has designed, developed, and manufactured numerous graphics card thermal solutions for both 1-slot and 2-slot products using a variety of innovative methods. Independent floating core solutions are also available for use in dual GPU applications to alleviate tolerance issues associated with the heights of the 2 chips.

Directional Extrusion Fansink

Dual fans draw in air and pass through the heatsink. The air exhausts from the front of the heatsink and cools other components downstream.

Dual GPU Radial Fin Fansink

Radial fins are used to reduce noise and increase airflow, as air smoothly passes through the fins.

Floating 2x GPU

Floating design is used to cool 2 side by side GPUs, compensating for varying height tolerances.

Folded Fin Radial Fansink

Stacked Fin and Folded Fin equivalent of GPU heatsink.

Radial Stacked Fin Fansink

Lightweight and cost effective radial fin fansink for graphics application.

Variety of GPU Heatsinks

Assortment of graphic card active heatsinks/fansinks.