Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Beyond designing a thermally efficient heatsink, running finite element analysis is a critical step in determining if the mounting mechanism used is mechanically sound. Heatscape engineers sometimes design custom mounting hardware for their solutions, and FEA packages are used to verify the mounting concepts. FEA allows our design team to simulate deflections and stresses on metals to make determinations on product strength and robustness.

Chassis Level FEA

Finite Element Analysis used to test structural integrity of a plastic chassis frame .

Mounting feature FEA

FEA study showing deflection and stresses of mounting clip under load.

Heatsink Level FEA

FEA study on the deflection of brass push-pins used to mount light-weight heatsink to a board.

Clip Level FEA

FEA study on heatsink mounting clip to verify it exerts appropriate mounting pressure in absence of springs and screws.