Heatpipe Assemblies

By embedding heatpipes into the base of a heatsink, the spreading capability of the base, and therefore the overall heatsink performance can be greatly improved. In addition, evaporator/condenser heatpipe assemblies can also be used to move heat from a high powered component in a tightly constrained area, to a region where a larger, more conductive fin array can be placed. Heatscape a heat pipe manufacturer specializes in incorporating heatpipes into a variety of thermal solutions.

Advanced heatpipe assembly heatsink

Advanced heatpipe assembly taking heat from CPU to a remote condenser.

Dual floating core heatsink with embedded heatpipes

Dual floating core assembly comensates for height tolerances of two side by side, identical CPU.

Embedded HP Extrusion heatsink

Extrusion heatsink enhanced with multiple embedded heatpipes and copper slug.

Fly Cut Stacked Fin heatsink

Large Stacked fin heatsink with flycut heatpipes in the base, to dump heat directly from components into heatpipes.

Single Floating Core heatsink

Single floating core heatsink which cools 1 main CPU with 3 exposed heatpipes along with peripheral memory components.

High Powered HP and VC Alternative heatsink

High powered vapor chamber solution, along with the embedded heatpipe alternative that can be turned around in 3-4 weeks.

Intel reference heatsink

Enhanced and upgraded heatsink for typical Intel CPU and socket.

Large Scale Remote Condesner heatsink

CPU is cooled locally by the evaporator portion, as well as being cooled by the condenser portion located away from the CPU.

Small Scale HP VC alternative heatsinks

Miniature vapor chamber along with embedded heatpipe alternative.

Vertically oriented HP Heatsink

embedded heatpipes and horizontal fins are used in cooling this high powered application.